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My son. Man. I just don’t even know what I did to deserve such a beautiful, kind, and caring human being. He’s so pure and sweet, I honestly can’t even write this without tears right now.

I always felt so much guilt about not being a stay at home mommy like I had hoped I could be. The reality for so many parents is that we need to work, both of us, to make it in this world. And so, we seek out childcare and put our faith in strangers, and pray that we’ve made the right decision. For me, I know we did.

My son has been in the same daycare center, with essentially the same group of kids for his whole life. He knows these other children since they were babies and lately, he’s gotten so overjoyed and excited to see his friends when we take him to school. He rattled off his whole class’ names in the car ride in today, and the joy in his voice, I could tell he’s so happy there.

The teacher showed me a video on one of the classroom’s iPads from the other day when a new girl who had never been to daycare before joined their class. She was crying and having a rough go, and my son went to her. He rubbed her back so gently, telling her how it would be okay, in such a kind and caring way. They tell me that he comforts her at naptime, when she struggles the most.

I realized that my guilt for putting him in daycare wasn’t about him, but about me. I want more time with him, and yes, he probably wants more time with me, but this experience has opened his eyes to so many things I couldn’t possibly have provided in such a short amount of time.

His teachers love him, and tell him so. He gives them hugs and kisses, and they are a part of his life as much as we are. Perhaps, even more so, since he spends so much time there while we’re working. We have a great relationship with the teachers too, and talk often on coordinating our plans (discipline, potty training, eating, etc.) so that it’s truly a team effort.

I feel like, at least for us, this was the right call, because he’ll be so ready for kindergarten when it’s time for that. He’ll be ready for the diversity the world has to offer, because his class is full of beautiful children he loves of all colors and backgrounds. He loves his friends, and his school, and he’s such a happy child. And I am so blessed.