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As we close the gap toward my son’s inevitable third birthday, we’re hitting some pretty great milestones. The first is the slow but steady progress to being “officially” potty trained. I have no idea how other people quantify this, but my son is getting there. We still have accidents, some every other day or so, sometimes more than one, but progress nonetheless. He hates the pull ups he used to cling to previously. He’s very proud of his “big boy pants” which we’ve managed to substitute for the aforementioned pull ups. Twice over the weekend, he went to the bathroom on his own, which is a pretty impressive development in itself.

In an effort to get him to sleep through the night on his own, we had to upgrade his bed. While he’s still “small” enough to handle his little bed for a while longer, the idea of putting him out of the big comfy grown up bed and into his own smaller version was seeming like a raw deal. But this is why we invested in convertible furniture, and why we were grateful my mother-in-law insisted we spare no expense. The new bed is better quality than our own bed, and much more solid. Paired with a new mattress, a waterproof cover and nice new sheets, he’s totally sold. And when we have to get up with him in the night, it becomes much easier just to lay down with him there than to try and convince him to go back by himself.

The last, and most impressive, to me, at least, is his language skills. I’d been trying out some ideas, using the spoken vocabulary he has now to give him practice sentences in context such as “Daddy, I would like a banana please.” Sure, I said it over and over and he just goes “yeah” expecting my understanding of what he’s asking for to be enough. Well, the fruits of this experiment paid off over the weekend when he went into the kitchen and delivered the sentence flawlessly. Ca-ching! Sure, we’ve got more road to travel here, but these small victories make every struggle a bit easier.