Sorry for the delay on this, I had trouble deciding if I wanted to even make resolutions for this year. But, I thought about what I wanted to do, rather than having explicit “goals” I went in a more ‘generalized’ direction. So here they are, my 2016 Resolutions.

  • Be here now – I have trouble staying in the moment. My mind wanders and I lose the beauty in the experiences I’m having right now. My goal is to be more mindful about my life and try to appreciate what’s happening right here, right now. (Plus, I also want to re-read the book of the same name by Ram Dass. Because it’s awesome.)
  • Kiddo’s speech – my son has a slight language delay due his constant ear infections as a baby. My goal this year is to find ways to support him, and help him improve his communication skills.
  • Stay organized – Good lordt, do I need to keep working on this. I made good progress last year finishing two projects, but so many more are waiting for completion.
  • See friends – Being a mommy means you give up a huge chunk of your time. I miss my pals, and am going to make an effort to see my pals. (If this is you, consider yourself warned! lol)
  • Date night – See above. Gotta make time for us.
  • Normalize – I hold myself to ludicrous standards for so many things. I need to accept that I can make mistakes, fail and recover. I need to give myself permission to be human.
  • Self care – I’m making a lot of progress here, but have a lot of room to grow.
  • Ambitious cooking – I’m a recipe hoarder, I’m going to start using or deleting recipes and building a nice repertoire.
  • Purge – Get RID of crap!!!
  • Focus – Get some direction on what I’m doing, and not just wait out the days.
  • Give a shit – There’s a lot of issues I just don’t know enough about, but want to. Here’s my opportunity.
  • Exhale – Let go of the stuff I can’t change, forgive myself for my failings, and move on from things that hurt me.