So it’s that time of year again. I’ve pulled last year’s resolutions and gone over them to see where I stand…

  1. Write more often – As predicted, I find that I still tend to write in spurts, feeling my inspiration either early in the morning or late at night. I’ve been working a little on trying to salvage and/or revisit some of my older, unfinished pieces. I’m toying with the idea of publishing excerpts from the fictional pieces here, but am unsure. A reader poll may be needed. Add your comment, should you so desire, if you’re a subscriber and would want to see fictional content. Or if you hate that kinda stuff, say so too. Just curious what people are interested in seeing.
  2. Cook more – We are actually coming along pretty well on this one. Though we stumbled a bit over the summer but we’re cooking as many meals as we can at home nowadays, and making use of our leftovers in other meals which saves money.
  3. Work out – I’m really happy to report this was the easiest goal to accomplish, since it’s already a well-established habit. My initial goals were to get to the gym at least once a week, if not more, keep up with my yoga class as schedules permit, and keep challenging myself. I’m definitely doing that. Going prepared to leave right after work for the gym really helps. Keeping to a tight schedule for working out has shown that even nights where I have to pick up my son, a workout can be squeezed in before I have to get him. Win!
  4. Let go – This was another one that I think I’ve done the most work in. Revisiting the Buddhist idea that “the root of all suffering is desire;” coupled with the idea of extinguishing ego and self in favor of unity with a higher consciousness has been very helpful in moving through painful thoughts and feelings. It also helps me detach at work, which keeps the emotional toxicity from coming home with me as much. Still, a lot of work remains here, and I don’t think it’s a battle I’ll ever fully win.
  5. Work on self care – The best way I can describe the success of this goal is the somewhat superficial adoption of a few basic rituals. I hardly ever leave the house without having done my hair and make up. I realize this sounds tedious and somewhat annoying, but the idea of preparing myself for the outside world makes me happier to receive it. Knowing that I’m confident in my appearance helps me to project a happier, more “put together” persona, and I’ve found people really respond well to it. There are other ways I do this, of course. But the grooming has had such a profound impact on my mood, it’s hard to discount it.
  6. Read – So I’m happy to report this was another success. I finished every book I had planned to read last year. I also was able to revisit some other “oldies, but goodies” from my library. Although I had hoped to average 12 books, I only hit around 6. Still respectable, as I’m still working on three others, so they don’t count until they’re done. I was gifted some other lovely new books for Christmas, so I’ve got my hands full for next year.
  7. Learn something new – Well, can’t really say I learned something new, but expanded on existing skillsets. I began to work on my counted cross stitch again. I revisited my passion for bread and cookie making. I’m working on my writing. I’m playing my video games. All of these things give me great pleasure, so I’m happy to keep fine tuning these while keeping an eye out for the next big fixation.
  8. Find more time for family/us time – This is another success. We have been making time for both the three of us to chill and have some time together. We got a big comfy couch for cuddles and lounging as a unit. We’ve also travelled a record number of times as a family this year. We were so lucky to be able to go to Disney twice and the Bahamas, as well as a few weekends down at the local beaches. Overall, it’s built our family confidence that we can do this as a team. We’ve also noticed the huge cognitive leaps it gives my son developmentally. Nearly every time we return home from vacation, he becomes more clear in his speech, seems to value his routine more, and is more amenable to cuddle time. It’s been amazing.
  9. Save some $$$ – This was a challenge this year. Although I have less in the bank than I’d like (Don’t we all, amirite?), I was able to cancel one of my credit cards this year. While that doesn’t seem like much, having only one credit card helps curb my spending. I have it linked to an account with rewards tied in, unlike the other card, and there’s a very small amount that I direct deposit there for “spending money.” This system is still not perfected, but it’s forced me to look harder at what I’m spending.
  10. Try something that scares me – While I didn’t do anything that extreme to “scare me,” I did try some fun, more extreme activities this year. I attended an aerial yoga class (the kind where you suspend upside down) and I did go ziplining with some friends. Still I’d like to go hot air ballooning or indoor sky diving or rock climbing. Time will tell for sure.