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My son has this little buddy from his daycare class. It’s his first real friend and it’s obvious that he loves him. This is going to make me sound like the worst person ever, but the kid is a demon on wheels. While some of the things he does can be written off as normal toddler behavior, he does things that are just downright mean and seems to enjoy them.

My son has a tremendous amount of patience for this, considering he’s not yet three. And although we saw his friend for only about an hour that night, it became obvious when we left that he’d been storing his pent up frustration at the constant antagonism and destruction that took place in that short amount of time.

It takes time to undo a visit with this kid, and last night was no exception. He was almost two and a half hours late going to sleep because of the mixed up emotional turmoil he was in while there, and then forced to leave earlier than usual (we hung out later in the day than he’s used to). I will say though, that spending time with them made me realize how well-behaved our child is, and how lucky we are.