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Traveling with a little has its consequences. Although our vacation last week was possibly our best one yet, we have to pay for it, not just financially. I should begin by saying that my son did beautifully on our trip. We had some setbacks, including a meltdown at WDW Magic Kingdom that scorched my patience down to the nub. Overall, though, he was very well behaved. He handled airport security so well, rode the plane like a boss and even rode some rides at the amusement parks.

But, it was after our return home, and sleeping in his own bed, caused some of his less enviable behaviors to arise. It didn’t help that we had a busy day yesterday, and he got a ton of activity to deal with. He’s the type of kid who’d rather play than eat, so when his blood sugar crashed, things got ugly fast. His temper tantrum at my in-laws continued when we arrived home and didn’t take his preferred route home. What followed was a meltdown like I’ve never seen. It came in waves and lasted way longer than the others previously.

He calmed enough to go to sleep, but woke up at 3:00 a.m., standing next to me wanting to come into our bed. I granted him this, on the condition he lie still and not kick me or my husband. After he broke that rule, kicking my husband awake, I put him back in his room. He came back an hour later, wanting the same, but didn’t let us get any more rest. All told, I’m running on about 4 combined hours of sleep and it’s killing me. Although my son’s mood seemed fine this morning, there’s this hangover effect of dealing with such a violent temper that’s reminiscent of my life with my alcoholic parents. Knowing that he could, at any moment, descend into this chaotic madness triggers me to walk on eggshells and sort of dissociate. It’s troubling me in a big way, and I’m hoping we push through this soon.