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We are obsessed with this show, Fargo. Season one was so good, but season two is blowing my mind. No spoilers, but we’re down to the very last episode and I’m hooked. My husband and I often can’t stay up late the night it airs, so we wait for a night we’re both home and awake enough to give the show the attention deserves. Last night was our Fargo night.

Our son has had a few rough nights lately. He’s obsessed with sleeping in the “big bed” (our bed), instead of his, so he’ll often get up in the middle of the night, realize he’s been moved from the big bed and start pitching a fit. One night I got tired of fighting him and let him stay, only to be rewarded with him rolling off the bed, and scratching up his face on the nightstand.

After that happened, we tried to use it as an opportunity to reinforce that the big bed is not big enough for three people and he needs to stay in his own bed. He seemed to understand and agree, so when we put him to bed, he stayed there and went to sleep without a fuss. We laughed it off about how reasonable our amazing son could be, checking in the monitor to make sure he was asleep before turning on Fargo.

Once the show was over, my husband went up to bed, while I stayed downstairs to wash my face. He comes rushing back downstairs, saying the door to kiddo’s room was open and he wasn’t in his bed. Of course, we go to our room and find him tucked into the big bed. The trick of it, though, was how difficult that would be for him, since he’s not great at doorknobs just yet and his door makes a ton of noise when you open it. Yet he managed to get it open and sneak out without us hearing him. Ironically enough, my baby shower was ninja themed, and now I’m beginning to wonder if this was a self-fulfilling prophecy.