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I left this note for myself on my phone. It’s called “read this if you are sad.” I have no idea what gave me the back bone steady enough to write it, although I suspect it was reading Amy Poehler’s book, “Yes Please!” Anyway, although I’m sad A LOT, I still struggle to get through the first few words without turning away in self-loathing. So while the spirit of my idea was still nice, I feel like I need to put it here so I can’t get away from my self-affirmations. So here it is:

Read this when you are sad:

  • You are stupid beautiful.
  • People cannot deal. But you can.
  • There is so much value in your talents.
  • Your photography is amazing.
  • Your writing is so on point.
  • You can meet a stranger and make them love you.
  • You are an awesome friend.
  • You are a great friend.
  • Sing so that you fill the room.
  • Your voice is so important.

Oof…that’s hard to read, harder to type without feeling conceited or having to qualify any of the statements. But the path to recovery begins with self love. So, there it is, my fragile attempt, a shaking voice in a clamouring din of vitriol.