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Man, kids are tough. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t doing it right. My kiddo turns 3 in a few months and I think it’s safe to say we’ve hit Apex Terrible here. He wakes up grumpy, sometimes at midnight or 4:00 a.m. to throw a temper tantrum. He has bad dreams sometimes (I think this is normal from my side of the family, at least for me), and it takes a while to calm him down. It’s distressing to see him suffering, but it’s becoming more frequent.

His public tantrums are getting worse too. We tried to take him to the movies, got as far as the door to the theater, tickets in hand, and couldn’t coax him inside. Nothing doing.
(Side note: why do strangers try to intervene in situations like this? Please show me once, ever, in the history of humanity, that a toddler pitching a fit stopped doing it because some random weirdo came up and started talking to him? Never. It never happens. But you know what it does? It pisses off the parents, because whatever headway they were making with the child is now lost because some idiot decided to throw himself into the situation. I know people mean well, but please, stop.)

I realize that this is just a phase in his development, and he’ll outgrow it. I feel like my responses to him at this time are crucial. I’m trying my best to stay present in the moment, but it’s so hard. Please tell me there’s a light at the end of this tunnel and someday my kid may grow up to be a respectable human being who sleeps through the night.