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A Canadian man built like a bear but with a voice like a turtledove turns to me on the escalator and congratulates me on a great lecture I gave today. This is an unfortunate impossibility as I’d just arrived.

He was gracious in his mistake, but said I should keep an eye out for my doppelgänger. I thought I spotted her that evening, as I took a walk through the residential area behind the hotel, a tall blonde woman in gray boots not unlike mine. She seemed a little inebriated, which made the comparison even more amusing.

I thought about approaching her, perhaps to bond over our physical similarities, but decided that running up to a total stranger on the street might be a bit pretentious. Still the takeaway was a sad realization was not that I’m not special or unique, but that I’ve yet to get my shit together enough to lecture at conference. Clearly I’ve got some work to do.