I think I’ve posted before about the hispanic gentleman who sells flowers at this intersection on my way home. I never carry cash, so I can’t really help him out. But one time he broke off a flower and gave it to me while I was waiting. I didn’t have any money, but I did have an unopened gatorade, and considering the heat, thought he might want it.

Since then, there’s been a hispanic female working there with him, and the other day I saw a younger teenaged kid, likely relations or maybe his kid. I thought it was sad, but also nice that they’re able to sustain themselves somehow. Plus their selling flowers reduces the number of panhandlers I see. Then, one day I see this.

If you can’t tell from the image, the street sign is so mangled it’s almost ripped out of the cement. The plastic piece on the right is the front piece of a car, which either ran into the sign or was pushed there. No news on whether any pedestrians were hurt or killed, so I’m hoping they’re all okay. I haven’t seen them there since.