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I’d been suspecting for a few days leading up to Halloween that my son might not be feeling the whole ‘wear a costume and go to random people’s houses to ask for candy’ deal. Although I tried to remain optimistic, buying him several options for dress up play, he strongly resisted. I sent a costume with him to school that Friday, but he refused to wear it.

I try not to put too much pressure on him, especially for things he can’t possibly wrap his mind around at this age. So, I asked him once more that morning, if he wanted to go trick or treating, or get candy, in costume. His response was definitive: no.

So, what do you do on Halloween if you’re not going to do the traditional stuff? Well, luckily for us the weather wasn’t awful. We spent the morning at the children’s museum, and then headed over to the botanical gardens for a light show I’d been meaning to see. It wasn’t the ideal way to spend the day, but we still had a pretty good time.