I’ve been thinking about the things that stress me out in an effort to discern patterns and isolate sources of that stress in order to work through it. Most troubling is the concept of karma and the expectation of justice. Therein lies the temptation of schadenfreude, the shameful joy in another’s suffering. 

The expectation to be right is the flip side of that coin. For when we are acting righteously, our actions are justified. However, both ideas, righteousness and schadenfreude are traps. They feed the ego and keep us weighted by cynicism. There is suffering when you engage in jealousy or envy. 

When you practice mudita, you remove the ego from joy, and relish only in the vicarious happiness or good fortune of another. To truly practice this correctly, seek to love your enemies as well, for a test in how well you can detach your own experience from theirs. 

In experiencing joy for another without bitterness that this experience is not yours, there is lightness and freedom and never having to say I told you so.