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Like everything else in America, we take things to the extreme. Halloween is no exception. I don’t know what it is, but lately I just can’t stomach the gore. I was trying to read an article and there was a picture link to a story about the walking dead that followed my screen even as I tried to scroll past it. I guess I’m getting lame in my old age, because I couldn’t bear to keep reading the story because of the unsettling image.

There was a story on another site, about how people put up these scary halloween decorations at their home that were upsetting the children of the elementary school across the street. At first, I was like, how bad could it be? But then I saw the pictures, simulated corpses hung upside down from trees in various stages of vivisection. Upsetting for children? Yeah, and apparently also this scaredy cat adult.

I can’t watch horror movies, that imagery sticks with me forever. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but it seems to be getting worse with time. I’m working on getting over my fear of spiders, letting the giant webs in my yard be and trying to re-home the ones I find in my home. But the real horror, I suppose, are human beings, whose capacity for unthinkable atrocity leaves the mind baffled, unsettled and frightened.