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For years we had these two couches in our house. 

They were fine, but now that we’re a family, I’ve been wanting a sectional to cuddle up with my boys. So, we saved up some money and picked out a new one.

Small problem, though, the furniture company wouldn’t haul away the old one. So I had to get creative. I called my friend who just moved into a new place to see if he wanted them. A few hours later he texted back “YES!”

I thought we might take them through the french doors on the deck to get them out, but found this big old nest of NOPE waiting. (Luckily, the next is either dead or abandoned, because no flying death came from within)  

He and some pals came to load up and take away the old couches. We maximizes space in the truck using our Tetris skills.

It was a few more days before the new couch came, but it’s so nice! Major upgrade! Happy times were had by all and my son absolutely loves it. Yay!!IMG-20150929-00029