The notice to renew my driver’s license came in the mail and was greeted with an immediate groan. Ugh! Another thing for the “to-do” list. The hated Department of Motor Vehicles, with their apathetic employees, their unending queues and the Lyndon Larouche campaigners waiting outside to ask for your $200 donation to their cause. The last time I’d been to the DMV was uncomfortable to say the least. Had it been five years? I suppose it was now time to go back.

I decided to go on a day I had off from work, spending more time than I care to admit making myself camera ready. After all, this image would follow me for the next five years, and be viewed countless times as I produce it for strangers. My husband, who renewed his own license a few weeks prior, tipped me off to the kiosk where I could renew by myself without having to bother anyone else, an introvert’s dream!

However, I go through the whole process only to receive an error message. I needed to go see an attendant. After checking to make sure I had no outstanding warrants or suspensions, he noted finally that the error was from the facial recognition software. Apparently, I’ve lost so much weight (about 20 lbs) since the last time I renewed my license, that the software didn’t register me as the same person.

It was really uplifting news to receive, knowing how hard I’ve been working to improve myself and be fit. It’s nice to have documentation, at least from a computer software, that I’m different now, so markedly changed, that I literally couldn’t pass for my old self. Win!