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Part of my recovery from my ongoing mental health issues has been to let go of the resentment I have toward the people who contributed to it. While my anger and rage have a place and a need to be expressed, there is peace in letting that go as well, once the expression has been found.

So, although I am way late in figuring it out for myself, I hope I can someday have a conversation with my son to give him this insight. Maybe he’ll be battling bullies on the playground, or a mean teacher who singles him out. Maybe he’s got a jealous friend who by virtue of classroom assignment can’t be escapee.

We don’t always get to choose the people in the audience of our lives. Try to see the value of everyone placed in it, whether you want them there or not. Some will be easy lessons, some hard. Try to embrace the finiteness of it, and it’s slings and arrows will wash over you like rain. Hopefully the only harm they ever cause you is trying to stab at your shadow as you loom over them, brilliant in all your splendor.