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(My apologies for the delayed post. I lost track of my days with the holiday and forgot to write something up for Monday.)

My office at work is down one position, since our last administrative assistant left. There’s still work to be done, particularly filing, so I stepped up to assist the remaining admin with this task. Since our files our still housed in another building across the street (a little over a half mile walk away), I proposed we go first thing Friday morning. She agreed.

Friday morning arrives, but our admin does not. Her normal start time is around 8:30 but doesn’t roll in until after 10:00. Our boss is out sick, so in order to facilitate coverage for lunch breaks, we agree to hold off going until around 1:00. We get back about 2 hours later, the task complete for now.

I normally go home at 4:00, and so does one of my colleagues. The late comer and the awful cow who occupies the office across from mine, depart at 4:30, somehow bending the rules of time and space to cram their required 8 hour work day into less. I hear them fussing with the office door, I assume to lock it. But I was wrong.

Around 5:00, I hear someone going down the hall, trying doors and finally the door to our suite flings open. A very startled young man bursts through, and seems surprised to see anyone here at 5:00. He says that he’s looking for the lab, which to my knowledge closes at 3:00 on Fridays, usually earlier right before a holiday. He leaves, and I go back to work, but not before locking the office door.

I realize this is seems banal, but it’s an issue of safety, being alone in the building, especially based on how long my colleagues SHOULD have been here. I feel like it put me at risk by not locking the door, and irresponsibly leaving early because the boss is out sick. I did mention it to the boss first thing this morning. He’s going to address it, but still, things could have turned out worse, and I’m just irritated. I wanted to go home too, but I still had work that needed to be done, with the holiday looming and being down a person here.