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Oh, glorious day, what beauty, what fragile justice you unfurl!

I’m in my office, and I hear my boss and hated colleague raising their voices. She’s stammering an explanation, her clear tell when she’s busted for something. He’s calling her out for yet more interference into my job, and this one’s apparently a big one. I guess she’s been sending out emails to people and trying to insert herself into projects that should fall under me. And, surprisingly, she’s been giving out bad information, so boss is calling her out on it.

He basically told her to stay in her lane and I’m just sitting here in my office scrolling through my emails trying to figure out which project she’s stuck her nose into this time. As I read down, I find that this was particularly devious on her part. I get the skinny from the woman in the office next to him, said he called her a liar.

So, while this is awesome, to see someone who’s made such grand overtures to harm me taken down a peg. It still feels bitter sweet in my mouth. I don’t really enjoy schadenfreude. It sucks for anyone to be yelled at, and it’s embarrassing to have your shit called out in front of others, regardless of how necessary it might be. I’m embarrassed for her, that she ran off after the confrontation and pouted for 30 minutes.

Maybe this is what emotional maturity is like, seeing justice that’s needed, but also having compassion, because we’re all human. I know I’ve made mistakes before, needed to be called out on them, and genuinely try to learn when I am. I’m trying to be present in the moment, where I’m happy to see my boss managing, but also realistic at the emotional fallout that can cause, because it impacts all of us.