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So, it’s Monday, my most hated of days. But the one thing that gets me through, rain or shine, is that it’s PAD THAI DAY!!! Yes, I know, that it’s like the most toned down nonsense you could possibly pass off as pad thai, but I love it anyway.

I walk over from my building every Monday, promptly at 11:00 because the lines get long and it’s made to order. They throw a bunch of shrimp down, I ask for double, because that’s how I balance the pasta/protein ratio that I crave. They toss in a huge handful of cilantro and some limes on top and I add some extra hot sauce from the condiment stand that melds with the hot deliciousness.

I also go grab a coffee because that much carbohydrates makes me sleepy. Then I walk back to my desk to savor my prize. My office suite takes on the wafting delicious aroma, and people passing by ask with great jealousy “what did you get?!” like they might have to fight me for it. I have to put on chapstick to eat it, no joke, the hot sauce is that spicy (#whitegirlproblems) but it’s worth it.

It’s all about the happy things that get us through the day, and for me, this is one of them. Picture not shown because I was too busy eating it. Maybe next week, I’ll snap a pic.