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So, my son is in daycare in a classroom full of his peers. One of his teachers is about to have a baby, so she mentioned having a meeting with her, the other teacher, the daycare director and my husband and I to go over my son’s progress. Of course, I’m not going to say no to something like that.

She gives me a date and although I try to be there, but work complicates my schedule and I’m just not able to be there in person. They mention trying to reschedule another day, but she could go into labor any time, so I offer to call in, and that seems to work okay.

The day of the meeting, we get on the line and the director is acting like we’ve requested this meeting. Although we’ve had informal call-ins with her, I was confused because this was something arranged by the teacher. Even the time was picked by her, so I just kind of roll with it.

They had a very nice list of strengths and weaknesses, but I left the encounter shaking my head. I’ve never worked with that many children at the same time, but my photography business was almost exclusively kids that age, and some of the things they brought up seemed age appropriate and totally normal.

For example, the noted that he’s hard to understand. Yeah, he’s two. And, being in their day care meant that he was exposed to a lot of illnesses, as one does in such a setting, and had a lot of ear infections. The result of these was a near total blockage in his left ear, and so we opted to have tubes placed. Yes, he’s a bit behind articulation wise, but he spent a good amount of time hearing like he was underwater from the constant blockages in his poor little ears. But he’s making up ground like crazy now, and yes, can be a bit inarticulate, but nothing that can’t be overcome.

They also noted that he’s averse to sensory play, which I think may be more social anxiety than the things themselves. I’m not crazy about puddings or fingerpaints myself, and if my kid is anything like me, he’s not going to. He can be a bit shy and isolating but that’s normal. Kids that age tend not to play ‘together’ and don’t even really do side-by-side play until later in their 2’s or early 3’s. There was this weird “we’re not saying it’s autism, but you could have him tested if you want, up to you,” mentality, which left us going huh? Anyway, there’s a lot of good from the daycare but I’m just left confused about whether or not we’re on the same page.