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Things at work are tense. I feel like I must have typed that statement a million times. It is the understatement of the century. I basically do not speak to one of the people I work with, for so many reasons, the most important of which is that she is dangerous. Not in the shoot-em-up violent kind of way, but of the so thoroughly believes her psychotic ideas that she will loop you into her insanity, which could inevitably get me fired.

The example of this I tell people, is that about two years ago, she hypothesized that our boss and one of his subordinates were having an affair. Though I did my best to dispel this idea, dismissing it both on the lack of evidence, but also the sheer danger of hurting two innocent people’s careers with such a suggestion, she persisted. The rumor came back to me through another colleague in a different department, someone who doesn’t interact with her at all.

So, because I can’t be involved with that kind of psychotic behavior, and I can’t just quit, I have to endure this. As it turns out, her rumor got both of the people involved sent to HR to answer for the trumped up charges. They could have lost their jobs, all because this one got jealous.

I realize now she was doing this because she sees herself as the next in line for the boss’ job. She must think that if she takes him out, that they’ll just bump her up to boss. How sad and sick a person must be to destroy another person’s career and life just because she wants to be in charge.

So, because of this, I don’t engage. I don’t say hello, good morning or anything. I don’t socialize with her, I don’t allow her to begin a conversation with me. I have no alternative, except to quit. And frankly, I need the money, and opportunities in my field are scarce.