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So, Monday was pretty cool. I had what would be considered a pretty good day. It was nice while it lasted, but the very next day, I was kicked in the face by a not so nice day. You know how the universe needs to balance itself out again. The pendulum must swing back and the crap waiting on the other end smashes right into your face.

A couple of things happened at work. One of our team members has quit, which was quite surprising. This person was not really a good fit to our organization, and had a lot of personal issues that were getting in the way of doing the work effectively. It’s frustrating, though, because hiring anyone is a very difficult thing in our organization and finding qualified candidates is nearly impossible.

Then, after that announcement, the woman who takes great pleasure in making my life miserable has a very loud visit from a customer wanting her (my adversary) to do a task that’s exclusive to my job title and description. They have this conversation across the hall from my office, at full volume, impossible to ignore. My adversary agrees to do this task, although it’s not in her job description, and frankly a bit beyond her skillset. I begin to rage quietly in my office, hands shaking and breath impossible to catch. I take a minute to calm myself, then alert my supervisor that this is taking place.

His response isn’t terrible, stating that he was unaware of their plans, and that this person seems to try to circumvent the system. He assures me that he’ll handle it, which means nothing. However his tone seemed irritated enough, perhaps he will. Hope softens the rough edge of every promise.