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Musings on watching the same damn episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine with my son, presented as a stream of consciousness for your amusement:
Right now, I want to murder every fucking tank engine on the island of sodor, because fuck Thomas the Tank Engine right in the ear.
The plots to these shows make no sense. Like, okay, we’ll suspend disbelief that tank engines are alive, and that, apparently, they can’t die?
You’d think that once their firebox goes out, maybe they’d like go to sleep?
Nah, they just can’t move. Isn’t that more disturbing?
Also, since the tank engine was invented by man, like, did someone make an active decision to like, what, crossbreed them with humans?
And, all that came out of those experiments was that they have a creepy child like face, and apparently, no conscience and an inability to follow instructions?
So, are you just essentially like a five-year-old sentience housed in a creepy psuedo man/train?
oh, and when they make mistakes, they’re like, “I’ll fix it.” No, bitch, you’re a train, you can’t leave the tracks.
Your conductor has to get out and fix the shit you knocked over. 
Moreover, when they think, ideas appear in strange places, like, “an idea whooshed into Thomas’ funnel” Oh, okay, that’s where his brain is, that I can get down with
but then they’re like, “another idea wheeshed into Thomas’ firebox” and you’re like, WTF!
It’s just bizarre, and the fact that there’s no lesson, other than, don’t cross breed trains with humans on some rando island, drives me insane.