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Over the weekend, I slept funny and my neck went all wonky when I woke up. Luckily, I didn’t have anything on the calendar to do, so I was resting while my husband and toddler son were downstairs easing into the morning on their own. My son is obsessed with animated movies. Among his favorites are Cars, Monsters Inc., and Wall-E.

If you’ve seen Wall-E, perhaps you’ll remember that it opens with a song from Hello Dolly, which as we’ve seen it a hundred or so times, I’m expected to sing along to. Since I was in bed, I’m hearing my son’s full volume, flat and ADORABLE rendition of the song in my absence.

So, I lay, in agony, smiling, happy tears running down my face, at the unbearable cuteness of it. I drag myself out of bed, and go down to join them.