My son is infatuated with the movie Despicable Me and although the promotions for the new minion movie are a tad extraneous, when our local theater offered to show the original, I knew I had to take him. The only show was a Wednesday morning, so I took the day off and called my husband’s family to see if they could join us. 

We arrived to find the theater locked and a handful of people out front waiting. I called the box office to let them know and a few minutes later, we were let inside. We were able to buy our tickets but once inside the theater, we were told the movie was sold out and soon three bus loads of kids in the same summer camp neon green shirts descended on the complex. 

We were moved to another theater, but the movie wouldn’t start. So, the theater staff announced without much apology that we would watch Pixar’s Inside Out instead. 

I must commend the emotionally provoking, yet still child appropriate alternative. My son handled it pretty well considering the sensory overload of a Pixar film. The story (and bonus film) were tearjerking for sure, the animation spectacular and the voice over casting superb. Not the game plan I had in mind, but a definite success.