I often wonder if we are a less mythical as a modern society compared to worlds like the Game of Thrones universe where gods are palpable and their powers felt more magically. When I began to expand my own understanding of the how’s and why’s of my world, It was during my first year of college, during an intro to philosophy course. The required text was an enjoyable read, and I found myself in a rapid expansion of my limited existing knowledge base, replacing myth with theory.

From there, I set off on a journey of self discovery, which ultimately tried to piece together a unified theory of life, the universe and everything. What I believe, is that religion is a social construct that provides guidance and group consensus on how to survive in tightly packed groups and not kill each other. I think it’s a framework of social control meant to pass on a subset of acceptable behavior because we were evolving into a densely populated society.

As we developed a need for social mores, adding a shared belief in a deity to a commonality among the people created a unity, something to root for. I think there’s just a lot of unexplainable things and affixing them to a mysterious all-knowing divinity is a way of humanity’s awareness of itself.

I feel like there’s a lot of coincidence in life and there’s an energy that connects and flows among all things. I don’t feel like when you did you remain yourself, but the body dies, and the highest part of your soul rejoins the ether, becoming part of all and perhaps born again. I feel what I would consider to be deeply soulful connections with people and am stirred on nearly a spiritual level when I’m with certain individuals and completely existentially drained when I’m with others.

Do I ascribe to a religion? Probably not, but if I had to identify with one, I’m probably closer to Buddhist than anything else.