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So I posted on Monday about my persistent cardiac issue. I went to see my primary care doctor and he did an EKG and a check up. He told me that I’m fine, that it’s probably stress and perhaps a mild musculoskeletal problem, but he was thinking my panic disorder (which I’d previously not held as a formal diagnosis) was worsening.

Then, it went away. Like magic. I was amazed to find that being told that this was probably psychological in nature, that I was then able to control it and stop feeling the pain.

The other cool thing was that when I told him I was no longer seeing my therapist, he goes, “Oh, we have one in our office. I’ll see if she can come meet you and see if it’s a good fit.” Well, she was tied up in appointments, but I did get a call back two days later to see if we could work out a time. We’re currently playing phone tag to see if our schedules mesh.

I can’t emphasize how important a good health care provider is to making a difference in my mental and physical health. Some family medicine doctors can be callous or fat shaming or whatever, but mine is just great. He’s been supportive and not at all dismissing of my feelings or issues. Even when I related how happy I was that this issue might just be all in my head, he was quick to jump in and say how important my mental well-being is and not to dismiss the power of the mind to trick our bodies into thinking we’re sick. Thank YOU!