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People give the selfie stick a bad rap. I kinda get it, that maybe the selfie obsessed life that people enjoy rubs people the wrong way. But before never have people had such a convenient method of self reflection and yes, self love.

The selfie stick is essentially a tripod with a shutter release mechanism. It’s lightweight and convenient if properly used. I don’t get it. The selfie stick is a tech accessory at best, and if used properly, produces superior images. I think it’s encouraging to see people embracing this. It’s the next tech breakthrough. A new phone model that defeats the selfie stick will win the day.

But until then, I don’t hate on anyone trying to improve their angles. Selfies show that someone is proud of how they look, and wants some documentation of it. From my perspective, as someone who routinely hates on themselves, learning to care for myself both inside and out, selfies are a way to say, yeah, I feel like a mess, but after I did my hair and make up, I feel better about myself. I don’t see why taking a photo of that moment is such a polarizing thing. Or why anyone has the right to take it away from me.

So yeah, I don’t own a selfie stick, but I do own an entire home studio photography set up. If I wanted, I could do very elaborate photo shoots of myself, and by these standards would arguably make me even more self absorbed. Which, I suppose, is the reason I formulated this argument to begin with. Instead of hating on someone for wanting to document their contentment with themselves, maybe take that selfie stick judgement and turn the camera to face front. Look at yourself and figure out why you need to hate on others. And while you’re at it, be kind to the face reflected on the camera screen. Smile, and take that snap. Or ten. #beautiful