The lion doesn’t give a shit about the little things. The lion cares only for the expanse of his territory, the support of his pride, and protecting his legacy. He fears only that which he cannot control, time.

For although much of his time is spent in constant vigilance, he has come to rely on his sharpened skill set to maintain him. Only time can take that from him. For with time, comes age, and slowing of wit, reflex, vulnerabilities laid bare.

Empathy is a gift. With it we can see things as the elephant sees, as the jackals see, as the lions sees. It is remarkable how the same things look different from another perspective and how predisposition distorts it.


The warrior must look beyond himself to the ways that others see in order to both anticipate attack and how to move without detection. To be too proud to employ empathy does all parties a great disservice. And, although empathy is often a courtesy rarely returned, it is learned by modeling and reinforced by its own strength.