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We don’t get to choose the context under which people enter our lives. So infrequent is the opportunity given to set the stage and make one’s self presentable for the first impressions. We’d hold up our hands, “wait, wait, you can’t see me like this! I’m a mess! Can we try this again when I’ve gotten my shit together? Because I just know you’re someone amazing and I’d like to present myself as the same.

More often than not, the people who end up amounting to the more meaningful players in our lives stumble into them amid chaos. Some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known weren’t there for the big stuff. But they were there through the worst of it.

I’d want to be more grounded and centered, but instead, the people who find me at my worst, see past that if it registered at all, and love me in spite of myself. Those that endure do so as a trial by fire. So few make it. But for each one that does, there are no words for the gratitude.