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I forget what aggregator website turned me on to Johanna Stein, but as soon as I clicked on her site, I knew I’d found someone special. The excerpts from her book were hilarious, and I added them to my wish list for the holidays.

Lucky for me, my awesome book-savvy friend bought me her book for Christmas, and I read half of it the first night. I saved the second half for our upcoming vacation, because I was literally about to take a child onto a plane, and needed to know the best way to keep my kid happy. Luckily, because of her story, I definitely opted not to make a barf bag puppet with gross outcomes.

The book itself is a quick, funny, enjoyable read. I highly recommend it to people with kids, or who are thinking about having kids. I’d pretty much recommend it to anyone possessing eyeballs, a sense of humor and the ability to lift a book.