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Ugh, I haven’t had a sick post in a while you guys. And not the “check out this awesome bitch’s blog and all its sickness” kind either. I was laid low by some creepy bacteria that infected my body and overthrew my normally well-balanced awesomeness with a particularly unpleasant bout of ickiness.

Every time I get sick, I spend the majority of my time trying to decipher where in my life I picked it up. Was it an icky door handle? Did my son drag this home from daycare? Was it the cursed monkey’s paw that I bought last week? (Seriously, why did I even buy that thing? It doesn’t even grant wishes!)

But in the end, it doesn’t really matter how I got sick, only that I keep the people around me from picking it up. Since my son was sick with something similar about a week before, I’d say it was likely something I got from him, which graciously held off long enough for him to recover so I could come down with it in my own glory. We’ve all been sick with the stomach flu before, and it’s not a pretty sight.

However, because I was so ill, I had to miss my friend’s memorial, which I had been really hoping to attend. Although, with the weather we got pounded with that day, it may not have worked out even if I was in perfect health. But I will say that after sleeping, letting my fever burn off, and dropping about 6 pounds, I am finally on the mend, and getting better.