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I really struggled with coming up with something earth-shattering for this year’s resolutions. I thought I did a pretty good job with the ones I made for myself last year, although I missed out on some.

I have some goals, but mostly, my main focus is keeping my shit together. I’ve managed to lose a lot of weight (about 20 lbs) and keep it off. (Most of the people around me have been supportive, although one overly dramatic person felt the need to pull me aside to ask whether I’d been sick before giving me any sort of compliment.)

I’ve revised my goals for this year to be a reflection my overall satisfaction with my life, but also fine tuning areas where I need to get more focused. So here’s what I come up with.

  1. Write more often – I find that I tend to write in spurts, feeling my inspiration either early in the morning or late at night. So many of my recent posts have been the result of typing notes into my iPhone and fleshing them out later. I have many unstarted/unfinished projects, so my focus for this year is to work them out or delete them. No more waiting for some day.
  2. Cook more – This is a goal my husband and I share. With our little man turning 2 soon, we’re learning that meal time is best executed when we all sit down to eat together. So, we’re trying to eat at home more often and rely less heavily on takeout.
  3. Work out – I’m really happy to report this will hopefully be the easiest goal to accomplish, since it’s already a well-established habit. At this stage, my goals are to get to the gym at least once a week, if not more, keep up with my yoga class as schedules permit, and keep challenging myself
  4. Let go – I am working through a lot of resentments in my head, many of them just surfacing as I go through my therapy and work through my issues. Though few things in my life were ever let go without claw marks all over them. My goal is to let go of the things I can’t change or control, and to focus my attention on the things I can.
  5. Work on self care – If left unchecked, my depression would have me curled up in bed for the rest of my life. And while that sounds great initially, there’s something therapeutic about dragging myself out of there, prepping myself to go out into the world and then doing it. My goal also includes treating myself with the same kindness I give to my loved ones and friends, kindness I’m too quick to trade off for harsh criticism that I save only for myself. It’d be nice to look in the mirror and have nice things to say.
  6. Read – Ugh, I am SO far behind on the books I want to finish! I’m hoping to tie up one book a month by the year’s end. (Or at least clear out the ones on my iPad)
  7. Learn something new – Not sure what this will be, but I’m hoping to figure out a new skill by next Christmas. Even if it is just re-learning to play guitar.
  8. Find more time for family/us time – This is a goal that I can’t do alone, but one that I’m excited to share. While I’m focused on spending time with my husband and son, I’m also excited to try to get to visit some distant friends/relations.
  9. Save some $$$ – I’m hoping to bolster the savings account back up into a respectable total. Once I get an idea of what my new insurance deductions will look like (I’m taking my son on my plan instead of on my husband’s this year), I can begin re-allotting my cash into a nice little rainy day fund.
  10. Try something that scares me – I’m still working this out. I have some activities in mind, hot air ballooning, indoor sky-diving (simulator is being built nearby my house, so that might be the front runner).