So it’s that time of year again. I’ve pulled last year’s resolutions and gone over them to see where I stand…

  1. Finish my damn book – Well, as good as my intentions were to do this, the more I reworked the piece, the more I hate it. My writing style has changed in the last ten years so drastically, that it’s hard to step back into that mindset and write from that perspective again. I’m thinking it may be time to just cut my losses and move onto newer projects that have more of my attention.
  2. Find a way to learn to love carrots (or at least sneak them into my diet) – Again, fail. Sad face. We have been talking about putting pureed carrots into some of our foods, but haven’t really made this a habit.
  3. Continue trend of getting to the gym at least once a week – Check and check! Not only have I been able to keep up with this, but my motivation is contagious. My husband’s been following my lead and going as well.
  4. Do yoga at least twice a week – Check! I definitely managed to get my stretching in, adding a formal class every week as part of our gym membership. I don’t make it every week, but I’m definitely there more than I’m not.
  5. Wean myself from Red Bull – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nope. Red Bull 4 lyfe, it would seem.
  6. Eat those Maryland Blue Crabs, baby! – Check! Done! Magically delicious!!
  7. Get horseback riding, already! – This failed to happen, but I think I may be able to get this accomplished next year.
  8. Make bread once a week – While the goal of weekly bread fell through, I do make it on a regular basis, and if you include homemade pizza, we definitely hit the goal of once a week. Always from scratch, always by hand.
  9. Golf with my husband once a month in spring/summer/fall (weather permitting) – Well, I definitely dropped the golf ball on this aspiration. Turns out we had more fun taking our son around than we did have time to go out on a course and play a round. I’m hoping to get back out in 2015.
  10. Take more pictures – While I’m happy to report that I did more picture taking and have renewed my interest, I’m not satisfied with the level of photography I’m at right now. Definitely room for improvement here.

Extra credit:

  • Let go of “I told you so!” and “My way or the highway” mentality. I think I’m making progress on this, but have a lot more room to grow here.
  • Make time for “us.” Finding “us” time is always a challenge. I think we are evolving into a family that does more stuff together, which I love. We’ve also been working on finding time to remember why we like each other in the first place. Partial credit, more room for improvement, though.
  • Focus on positivity, love and patience – happiness will follow. Wow, I really gave myself some heavy challenges here. I wish I could say that I was successful in this, but I feel like 2014 was the worst year yet for my depression. Still, I think that working through my issues has been good for me overall, but the growth doesn’t really feel as good as I thought. 
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m still working this one. No real progress. The small stuff is my bread and butter at the moment.
  • Enjoy the moment, in the moment. This continues to be the hardest one, but the most important.