Darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable and lightness has a call that’s hard to hear

I came way late to the party on this song by the Indigo Girls, and it’s a real shame because it’s so pretty. The lyrics are so poetic, but the quote above speaks so much truth for me. I think that we all feel drawn to our own self destructive notions, because indulging them is enjoyable. And the right answer is at times of great need, best found through quieting ones ego to hear the frail voice amid the haranguing chaos.

There’s more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line.

I guess I always assumed the way up the mountain was a clear and well-beaten path. But the more I push through life, the more I find there is no road. So my fear becomes, am I forging ahead into new territory or am I simply in the weeds.

For someone who’s not really religious, I certainly find a lot of strange, sometimes uncanny coincidences. Do you think the universe is predictable? If so, at what level of consciousness must you focus in order to anticipate it? What use is it to think that something so awesome and all-encompassing could leave signs, right? Is that the point where faith comes in? The belief that the orderliness of the universe connects to you somehow and the belief that there is no connection only chaos?