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Are we more loyal to decisions or to people? People change, but decisions are forever frozen in time. We remember moments, the flashpoint where we question ourselves and take measure of the people who surround us. We learn the hard way what we are made of, and in those visceral examinations of our humanity, we see the true monsters we always were. The mask pulled back and every horrible detail is laid out for all to see.

Because, isn’t that what we’re all afraid of, why we lie, why we try harder than we need to to fit in, why we go through social obligations and stand on ceremony? Because to have people see as we truly are, to bare our true selves bare before the eyes of another, is wholly terrifying. Sure, it sounds good on paper, the idea of being open and honest, present in the moment and all that.

But we all know how people are. It is in our nature to use other people’s vulnerability to our own benefit. Deep down, we remain the predatory animals that we are, but instead of using it for physical betterment of ourselves, we use it instead for social gains, holding the fear of what we are over each other’s heads.