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There will always be the people who let you know exactly where you stand, like the soft unchanging movement of time, the things you cannot change. You can change yourself, easy.  Getting other people to accept those changes is the trick. Don’t fool yourself; you can never change another person. All the wasted wishes on stars never moved an eyelash in your favor.

The adage goes that we teach other people how to treat us. And that much is true for sure. In return, they teach us exactly how they want us. You’re left with the decision to accept the box they’ve put you in or walk away.

Stay, and fear nothing, but the limitations we put on ourselves. Find comfort in the failure of our voice, unused in silence. The hardship of solitude is knowing that the walls are too familiar. As your hands run over the inescapable smoothness, your heart hardens to the truth.

In the box, you are weighed and measured, the exact sum of all your actions and your worth stamped on the side. You are nothing but what someone can use you for. When that’s gone, all that remains is the shell, a memory, the shed snakeskin laying soft in the grass, the illusion of the fearsome thing you used to be, empty, white nothingness.