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I had a brief indulgence at the local bottle & cheese shop. From left to right:

IMG_0435.JPGPanil – Italian Sour Brown Ale
Sofie – Belgian Style Farm House Ale – Goose Island Brewing Company
Delirium Red – Rare Belgian Red Ale
(Growler) St. Bernadus Tripel – A rare treat on tap, on $20 USD on the 64 oz Growler!
Jolly Pumplin La Roja – Red Sour Ale
Rodenback Flemish Red  (Sensing a trend here?)

Also picked up some decadent cheeses: IMG_0433.JPG

All told, I spent about $130, including the half gallon of apple cider and crackers needed for the cheese. Worth it! All of it was amazing! ❤