I had been wanting to try ziplining ever since I saw the billboard advertising the park near my house was opening a course. The problem was that most of my friends, including my husband, are afraid of heights. I found one friend who was fearless enough to try it with me and we set the date.

Although we had more elaborate plans, (breakfast & mimosas) my son’s spiked fever the night before left me fearing I’d have to cancel altogether. But after some advil and cosleeping, he awoke in the morning cooler and more like his normal self. I met my friend in the park and we set off to the office to check in.

The park was buzzing with activity, the morning air was warm but not too muggy. People were milling around, waiting for our session to begin. The safety brief and instructions were delivered by a young man, about my age, with a beard and jovial sense of humor. Among our session were a few couples, a bachelorette party, and some parents and kids. We set to the training course, which seemed daunting at first, but really was meant to familiarize us with the safety procedures.

The course began with going to the various locations throughout the park, entering the daily code on the door to keep people who haven’t been safety briefed out. We ascended the ladder to the platform for each location, always harnessed in for safety. Then attached to the zipline and made our way across each obstacle.

We were surprised at how many other obstacles they had for us, expecting I guess to just zipline across the park a million times. The obstacles were really challenging though, suspended wooden panel bridges that required at least some stability and upper body strength to hold onto. A few ended with what they call the “Tarzan Swing” which involves a semi-free fall into a rope netting that you must then climb back up. These were the harder ones, but really fun.

The best part, though was the actual zipline, an exhilarating straight shot across the tranquil pond, over the heads of passing kayakers, into a bed of soft mulch. Of course, afterward, there’s the obligatory shoe emptying and brushing off of the mulch from our clothing.

It took about 90 minutes to complete the course. I wish there had been more to do, because I felt like I could have gone all day long. I’m hoping to go back again soon, and seeking any more volunteers who are willing to come along with me.