With nothing on the agenda, we decided to sleep in. The light blocking drapes help fuel the hangover slaking, jet lag induced hibernation. It wasn’t until about lunch time that we finally got up and dressed.

The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot. So, we made our way back to the metro to head towards some of the more touristy sights. The metro had a much different feel during the day, much more crowded and the people were more likely to be workers on their lunch break than tourists.

At our stop, we found a carnival set up along the edge of the park. Food stands, games and rides lined up along the park near the Louvre. We wandered a bit, taking loads of pictures. Eventually we found our way to the Seine, and our feet were tired. So we decided to rest a bit at an outdoor cafe.

We ordered a glass of rosé wine and French fries. Though the fries weren’t on the menu as an individual item, the waitress was kind and accommodating. The portion was huge and reasonable (only €5). We stayed a bit, watching people walk by and sizing up the river cruises.

After lunch, we found a “hop on, hop off” river cruise and took the ride down the full length of the route. We were able to get a better understanding of where the landmarks were and decided to check out Notre Dame. There was a summer event taking place called the “Paris Pleges” where they turn the streets near the Seine into manmade beaches.

After that, we headed over to Notre Dame, but the lines were just insane. We took a few photos, and then left, realizing we were back at the Latin quarter. Since we had such good luck there the night before, we decided to wander around to see what we could find. A tiny tiger cat ran across our path near a pizza shop, so we took that as an omen to eat.

The pizza was reasonable, with booths to sit. The food was pretty good, and although you needed tokens to use the pay bathroom, it was clean. We left the pizza place to find ourselves quite close to the Frog Burger from the night before, so we chose to stop in for a beer.

The waitress recognized us from the night before. Although we had already eaten, and weren’t hungry, she brought us an order of sweet potato fries on the house. (Apparently you can’t just order just drinks there, some kind of law.)

We had the place to ourselves for a while, but more Americans came in shortly thereafter. I know this because one of them addressed the waiter with “How’s your English?” before even saying hello. He didn’t wait for an answer and left to use the restroom without even ordering anything. The rest were well behaved, but the asshat from Chicago who couldn’t be bothered to lower his voice proved the very reason the rest of the world dislikes Americans. I don’t know if he behaved like this back home or not, but my experience has been that a majority of us simply forget our manners when we travel.

We left shortly thereafter, mouthing quiet apologies to the kind waitstaff. After a quick ride back, we bumped into some of my husband’s colleagues on the street, and we stopped in a brasserie for a beer. We traded stories about the trip so far before retiring to our hotel for the night. My feet were killing me, so I drew a hot bath to soak and poured a ruby leffe to quaff before bed.