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I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. The inherent manifestation of my looming deadlines and commitments has culminated in a controlled chaos, barely contained by the societal expectations of pleasantries and basic grooming. Mostly, I’m brooding over the myriad things I have to do, but don’t want to.

Today, we’re battling some technical support issues that have brought our workflow to a standstill. My colleagues, left without anything to keep them busy, have taken to engaging in conversations that I could really have done without. One spent a good 30 minutes describing her ongoing foot fungus issues in great detail. Another regaled me with extensive discussions of potty training her grandchild. Finally, I think I was the subject of a prank in receiving one of the dumbest questions I’ve encountered, one that must have been asked in jest, because if this is what people are really doing out there, I’m just gonna clock out now and go home forever.

What I’d rather be focusing on, instead, is getting prepared for our upcoming travel plans, making preparations for the care of my son while we’re overseas, and planning all the fun things we’ll do. But, the chaos and general idiocy of the universe is paralyzing, being pulled into the depths with zero fucks given to remedy the situation, watching my world collapse on itself like a dying star.

Star meets black hole. Black hole wins. The quintessential beautiful disaster. All my feels today, in one gif.