The Monday after the accident, my cell phone blows up. Between calls from my insurance and the guy who hit me’s insurance, I spent pretty much all morning on the phone.

I had to give all my information about the accident twice, both on recorded lines, detailing everything that happened. I then had to schedule an appointment to have the car inspected, which had to be done at the agency office. My insurance guy was able to meet me at work for his piece, but I still had to burn a vacation day to finish up.

The inspection was easy and fast, leaving me with a check in hand for the work I needed done. The next stop was the repair shop, which was a relatively quick in and out but I’ll need to still call in the morning to schedule the work. It is supposed to take three days, and I’ll need a rental car, I’ll also need to figure out how the heck to get the carseat into the rental, since I know I’ll have to pick up or drop off my son at some point.

I don’t mind the accident, but the process is so much hassle that I’m already over it. I’m hoping to get everything expedited as soon as possible.