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The last few weeks have been crappy. I’m not able to really sugar coat it that much, because although the constants in my life (husband, baby and all the usual homeostasis) are great, there’s been a few developments that have really complicated things.

The first is that my best work friend is being let go. Although the information I get is all second-hand, and possibly biased, none of it seems at all fair. There’s significant uproar throughout our organization, so I feel that the managerial decision to cut him was really out of line. One one level, I’m angry on his behalf because he’s got more tenure than others in the same position, yet he is the one being let go. On another level, I’m sad, because he’s my friend and I’m concerned he may not find another position within the company and that really affects his bottom line. Finally, I’m depressed, because among the plethora of asshats and douchebags here, he’s one of the few people who get me, and has been so supportive of me over the years.

I’ve also had this sinus infection for the last three weeks. My appetite has completely dropped off, and that was before I started taking antibiotics. I’m irritated that I’m not feeling much better, and in the first few days I began taking medication, it seemed like this was getting worse. Of course, my son has the same, and it’s even worse for him, infections in both ears and his sinuses. It’s no wonder he’s been so crabby lately. Although, gratefully his symptoms are abating.