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Okay, friends. I have to pause our regularly scheduled post to point out some serious shit that recently occurred. Last week, I reveled in sharing some of the joys of parenting my awesome little munchkin. It was a post about how funny and generous my little boy is, and what a delight he is to have in my life. Should be easy content, right? Nothing unsavory here, yes? Well…

When I logged into WordPress, it appears that someone had punched some key words that, although used in  my post, were not tied together, but contained within the entirety of the text. I was sickened to see that some pedophile’s search terms had brought them to my blog. I’d rather not repeat the same phrasing, because I want nothing to do with this ilk. But I’m horrified that if a post contains the word combinations, that the most horrible component of humanity will somehow stumble on my blog post.

So, if you’re reading this because of your disgusting intentions to harm children inadvertently lead you here, please, please stop what you’re doing and seek help. Stop looking on the internet for ways to feed into your perversion, and instead recognize that if I had a way to find you in real life, I would turn you in so fast, your head would spin. Please don’t read my blog, please go away, and get help.