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My kid is fucking adorable. (And yes, I know you read that with a generous amount of eye rolling and smug nodding, as though I’m the first knuckle-dragger to ever realize that tiny humans do cute things. But hear me out anyway.) I marvel at the development of the first living thing (aside from my cats) that I’m able to keep living. His progress is astounding to me. A few months ago, he couldn’t walk, or speak, (really), but now he’s making all these crazy developmental leaps. Like so many first time parents, I just stand back, amazed.

Lately he’s been displaying some behaviors that I can only categorize as the beginnings of toddler generosity.While he’s working eating on his dinner, he stops, realizing that I’m sitting nearby watching, without any food of my own. He picks up a piece of whatever it is he’s eating, and offers it to me. At first, I decline, but he is insistent. He will not proceed until I partake of at least some of it. This isn’t done with the paranoia of a king unsure if he’s being poisoned, so all must partake. Instead, his face has a look of genuine concern. His expression reads, I have some, but you don’t have any. Here, take some of mine so we both have some. (Cue: parental melting)

He is so generous, wanting to give what little he can to us. (And, yes, I know, you’re thinking, he’s a kid with arguable a fuck-ton of toys, but again, hear me out.) And, while it’s less likely that he’ll give up the cell phone I’ve absentmindedly left within his grasp, he does get into these moods of handing me object after object, usually from the open dishwasher or from his bath toys or something. He grasps each one thoughtfully, carefully bringing it to me, and presenting it to me with those honest, loving and generous eyes. His face gazing up at me, as if to say, “here, I found this for you!” and then toddles of to go get me another, my heart swelling that rather than destroy something or play with toys, he’d rather involve me in his little toddler doings, and that shit makes my day.