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I woke up today in a panic. The last week or so has been preparation for the lil Saurus to undergo what I’m told is a routine and easy procedure to place tubes in his lil ears so he can stop getting so many fucking ear infections! But, because of the risks of anesthesia, I’m just a tiny bit freaked out. In the very reality of things, I’ve also come down with a lovely, head-splitting cold that I’m certain my son brought home with him last week. I’m a ray of fucking sunshine today, lemme tell ya!

Tomorrow morning, I will be up before sunrise and drag my lil Saurus to the surgi-center for his procedure. We’ll have to check in an hour ahead of time, and hopefully he won’t freak out. (AHAHAHAHAH! Who am I kidding? Of course he’ll freak out! He’ll be hungry, crabby and in strange place where he’ll have to be good for an hour.) But I’m told I can be with him until they take him back and hopefully that means I can be there while they sedate him.

I’m told that the procedure is so quick, that he’ll be done and out before I’ll have time to start crying. (Oh, they don’t know me very well! I’ll be crying the whole time!) But anyway, I’m staring down the clock until the unpleasantness begins, hoping to fill up my lil Saurus’ tummy with yummy food to hold him over until after his procedure. Any positive thoughts and all that would be much appreciated.