I’m at a lull in my current television obsessions. I just finished up the series finale of The Americans and have a week’s hiatus from Game of Thrones. There’s no new Project Runway or Top Chef. And I just found out they cancelled Community.

It’s too soon to know what will happen on next season’s True Detective so I’m not sure where to go next. I know people real loved Breaking Bad but thanks to the internet, I already know the end. I had thought about perhaps investigating Boardwalk Empire but haven’t actually committed to it.

I did catch a freebie episode of Black Sails, but it was really not my thing. I realize the premium networks have to put up intense, high production value shows to compete with HBO, but this show fell a little flat. It was like someone sat down with a writing team and wrote Pirates of the Caribbean without getting sued by Disney.

I also picked up about half of the first episode of Fargo and have been pretty impressed. Martin Freeman with an American accent and Billy Bob Thorton makes for some strange bedfellows.