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Today I am exhausted. Yes, I know I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but yeah, today, I’m wiped out. The little Saurus is no stranger to the infections of the ear, and subsequent antibiotic regimens that follow, and then the gastro-intestinal aftermath associated thereafter. Finally, his doctor recommended that we investigate having ear tubes put in. I’m not an expert on how this works or why, but my preliminary research (read: talking to my friends who have kids) have shown (at least anecdotally) that there is not much to be worried about and a lot to gain.

His trip to the ENT doctor was basically a 20 minute conversation to ensure that this was what we wanted. He checked the ears, and that was about it. Most of this interaction could really have happened behind the scenes, for all I care. I was on board and really didn’t need to burn the day of vacation time to confirm what I had been told by his pediatrician. The only thing I’m freaked out a bit about is the general anesthesia he’ll have to undergo in order to have these put in.

The second appointment was a hearing test to see if his constant ear infections had caused hearing loss. Turns out he’s got a bad right ear, and we received a referral to get in touch with a speech therapist as well. In two to three weeks following his procedure, we’ll have to follow up with them and ensure that he’s back on track. The speech therapist is actually very exciting, because I know he’ll definitely benefit from having that extra attention and hopefully make up some lost ground. It will be great to finally begin to understand what he’s saying, because at this point, we’re not really good at communicating with each other.