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We weren’t sure what our plans would end up being for Mother’s Day this year. Mostly because of procrastination, and the fact that going out on that day is a nightmare for restaurants. By the time we arranged for a babysitter, the restaurant I wanted to go to was all booked up. I was able to procure a conveniently available noon reservation at another restaurant we’d never been to before.

We arrived a few minutes early to find the place relatively dead. Considering the day, and the lines we’d seen in other restaurants, this was something worth noting. As we were seated, and presented the “menu,” we soon learned why. They were offering ONLY the six items on the brunch menu. My husband doesn’t like eggs, and he’d already made me breakfast that morning. I wasn’t about to pay $12 for oatmeal. I asked if they might be offering their usual lunch menu, which I’d perused online when booking the reservation. The waiter informed us that they would only be serving the brunch menu until 3:00 that evening, but would ask the kitchen to see if they could “whip something up” for us. A knowing glance exchanged between my husband and I was enough for me to feel comfortable saying, “thanks but no thanks.” We ordered a round of drinks, and a flight of their dark beers, which looked interesting. That bill came to $27, no food.

We tried the restaurant next door, which we’ve been to once before and had exceptional service. They seemed busy, but manageable. Luckily, they had one table open for the two of us. As we were seated, we were presented the full dinner menu, a special sheet with specific brunch options and a few lunch selections “just for fun.” It was amazing. The server was delightful, engaging and very knowledgeable about the menu. Having many more options to choose from, I picked a lovely handmade pasta dish with spinach, cheese, shiitake mushrooms and a bright lemon sauce that was just perfection. The experience was lovely and made such a difference by knowing when to pull the plug.